CMOS Analog Design

Bridging the Skill Gap between Industry & Academia

Training in

Analog & Mixed Signal Design  


The training on CMOS Analog Design covers the following major topics

  • Semiconductor Physics
  • Analog Design Fundamentals
  • Design basic Digital gates
  • Design of complex digital blocks
  • Various Current mirrors and design
  • Single stage amplifier design
  • Two stage am[amplifier design
  • Design of other Analog building blocks like comparators, Error Amplifiers, Buffer circuits, Oscillators, Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) etc
  • One major project – either of the following
    • Clock Circuits  – PLL / DLL
    • Data Converters – SAR ADC / Flash ADC / Pipeline ADC, Sigma – Delta ADC
    • Power Circuits – LDO, DC DC Converters – Boost / Busk/ boost Buck Converters