FPGA Design Projects

Bridging the Skill Gap between Industry & Academia

List of Digital VLSI Design / ASIC Design / FPGA Design Projects.

In order to help students to do the industry level projects and acquire skills that are highly sought after in the semiconductor Industry, we have divided the complex Micro controller IC in to multiple pieces of lesser complexity that can be handled by BE and MTech students. The sub designs of bigger IC are offered as projects.  Each of design is being done with different specifications, Architectures and PPA (Power performance and Area) requirements.

On request we will provide the exact titles and synapsys.

  • SPI
  • CAN
  • Ethernet MAC Design
  • and More

In Addition the Projects that involve Analog & Mixed Signal Circuits for an ASIC are also offered. The broad area we cover are

  • SRAM Design
  • LDO / Voltage Regulator Design
  • ADCs – SAR ADC / Flash ADC / Pipeline ADC / Sigma – Delta ADC
  • DACs – Different Architectures and resolutions
  • PLLs and DLLs
  • Oscillators with different architectures and specifications

Each sub-module of a complex Integrated Circuit (Ex. Micro controller) is offered as Project. The design and verification is taught and done with current industry specification and practices.